An experienced businessman, Eli Seruya is the owner of Liberty Tax Service in Brooklyn, New York. He also leads the Midtown Consulting Group, which provides clients with financial in-house managerial assistance on a short-term or long-term basis. Additionally, Mr. Seruya’s clothing company, Modest by the Sea, sells a line of swimwear fashions designed especially for Muslim women. Eli Seruya founded Modest by the Sea to offer Muslim women stylish bathing suits that uphold Muslim standards of modesty.

Women’s swimwear designs featured on the Modest by the Sea website showcase both full-body and slim-fitting styles. The comfortable, lightweight suits are available in such full-body styles as the Abal-Muslim swimsuit, the Aila Blue suit, or the Haifa Muslim Cruisewear design. The slim-fit Afifa swimsuit is a popular basic style.

The suits, which are made to dry quickly, resist both UV and chlorine. They are available in a broad range of sizes, from small to extra-large. Shipment to U.S. residents is free for any swimsuits ordered through the online store, which may be found at