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Founded by Eli Seruya to give Muslim women a modest alternative to more revealing swimwear, Modest by the Sea strives to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices while remaining true to traditional values. Eli Seruya, a longtime executive in the apparel industry, saw an opportunity to give Muslim women a way to feel comfortable at the beach both physically and morally.

Modest by the Sea provides two different styles of swimsuit made of comfortable, water-repellant, quick-drying fabrics. The first style, full-body swimsuits, is a more traditional option. Most of these loose-fitting suits can be worn with or without matching swimming caps. The second style option is Modest by the Sea’s slim fit line, which features a tighter fit around the legs and arms while maintaining modesty with a skirt and loose-fitting top. Each style offers different color options to fit a wide range of personal preferences and situations.


Over the past decade, Eli Seruya has held executive and leadership positions in firms involved with apparel, accessories, tax planning, and business planning. In one endeavor, Seruya was initially hired for three months as chief operating officer of Brand Science, and the assignment was extended for over a year. During this period, he negotiated the selling of the LeSportsac brand with Itochu, a company based out of Japan.

Created in 1974, LeSportsac serves as a top producer of handbags. Having achieved an iconic status, it offers items created by notable designers such as Stella McCartney, Diane von Furstenberg, and Gwen Stefani. Moreover, its inventory ranges from functional and chic to classic and designer, which enables consumers to discover a different LeSportsac bag for every occasion.

Known for its sporty styling and various colors, LeSportsac has obtained popularity across the world. More than 20 countries carry its handbags, backpacks, travel bags, and messenger bags. Additionally, LeSportsac manufactures the best-selling nylon bags in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Mexico.