Founded by Eli Seruya to give Muslim women a modest alternative to more revealing swimwear, Modest by the Sea strives to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices while remaining true to traditional values. Eli Seruya, a longtime executive in the apparel industry, saw an opportunity to give Muslim women a way to feel comfortable at the beach both physically and morally.

Modest by the Sea provides two different styles of swimsuit made of comfortable, water-repellant, quick-drying fabrics. The first style, full-body swimsuits, is a more traditional option. Most of these loose-fitting suits can be worn with or without matching swimming caps. The second style option is Modest by the Sea’s slim fit line, which features a tighter fit around the legs and arms while maintaining modesty with a skirt and loose-fitting top. Each style offers different color options to fit a wide range of personal preferences and situations.